Awesome Hairstyles for girls with long hair

Awesome Hairstyles for girls with long hair
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There are definitely no second thoughts about long hair. Long hair makes you look like the queen Cleopatra with those long silky tresses of black hair. Here are some awesome styles that you can try out with long hair.


If you have really long hair and you would like to tie it up in a stylish and elegant manner, then nothing is more satisfying than a twisted bun style. The twisted bun hairstyles is one of  the best and this kind of a style can be worn in farewell parties, dinner dates, office parties, a formal dance party or any other function. This hairstyle is really easy to achieve, provided you have long and silky hair. This is a simple DIY hairstyle where you can just twist up your hair in a matter of seconds in a carelessly carefree manner and clip it up with some pins and some styling gel. This bun looks misleadingly difficult but is actually wonderful and simple to accomplish as well.

These hairstyles for long hair are rather feminine with stylish looks. This is a hairstyle which looks like it would take ages to achieve, but the hairstyle requires just some basic braiding and simple pinning along with a gel for setting the roses in place. The braided flower crown is one of the best looking hairs for which you need hair brush, bobby pins, styling gel, hair elastics, and light hairspray for setting the hair. The hair needs to be brushed properly and then parted into three. Then the three partitions are carefully tied into small roses and pinned at the back. This is a feminine style that can be worn at all kinds of occasions.



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