Beautiful short hairstyles for curly hair

Beautiful short hairstyles for curly hair
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Curly hair can reach its full potential with a well-chosen short haircut with half the effort. Generally the maintenance is relatively low. There are some short haircuts for curly hair that can navigate the tricky path to defined curls with coiffed perfectly. Lobs, crops, bobs, or pixie cuts, you can choose anyone from these to give yourself a fresh look.

Bottom heavy bob: Especially short bobs with heavy ends become the trendiest at present. Whenever you are giving this style to your curly hair it provides you volume and amazing texture. Even if sparse bangs can even help out this haircut.

Boyish pixie: Boyish cut is a great choice if you have larger and thick curls. With a hydrating mousse, ramps up the volume. While adding supple volume it moisturizes and defines thick curls.

Modern shag: The new modern shag haircut has all the bangs, layers, and texture of the traditional shag along with a modern sleeker and edgy look. Of all types of curly-haired girls can rock this cool cut.

Voluminous lob: With larger and thick curls this haircut looks amazing. The layers of face framing will hit right below the cheekbones which give effortless looking movement.

Tousled layers: With its perfectly mussed locks, tousled this tousled layer captures the personality of curly girls.

Vintage short bob: With these short haircuts for curly hair, you can get vintage glamour look. You can get perfectly coiffed bang swoosh look.

Some more popular haircuts for curly hair

Baby bangs: At present baby bangs are just blowing up. To make this cut you should be very bold. One can look more doable with these wispy baby bangs. With ultra-layered curly hair it pairs perfectly.

Stacked bob: If you want to get some major definition and also avoid the look of weighed-down then a stacked bob is a perfect style for the curly hair. With a gel foam or mousse you can ramp up the volume.



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