Best hairstyle for long faces

Best hairstyle for long faces
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Every face is unique and many women have long faces. Various well known actresses have oblong faces and there are various hairstyles as well. So what kind of hairstyle would you consider for your long face? Read on

Best hairstyle for long faces

There are various kinds of hairstyle for long faces, however you need to choose from one that would correct your face. Some of the most common hairstyle for long faces can be blunt cut or straight cut. When you consider bangs, you should also keep in mind the proportions as well. It is desirable to create width as well as body on the sides of the face with various kinds of horizontal and diagonal lines, , and more. Do not cut your hair very short if you have an oblong face, as this would make your face appear all the longer. Some of the most excellent hairstyles for a long face are shoulder length with face-framing , , or highlights.

The for oblong faces

Choosing the best hairstyle for long faces can be really tricky and if you have a really long face, you would need a hairstyle that would help rectify your face. You can try out different kinds of hairstyles for long faces like wavy side part hairstyles, side parted shaggy lobs, long wavy centre parted hairstyle, asymmetrical choppy lobes, medium shags with long side bangs and many more that will make you look good. If you append volume to the sides or cut in some bangs, you can give your face a more rounded or shorter exterior as well. This hairstyle has the best of everything that flatters a long face. The best bangs for a long face are brow-skimming, side-swept bangs, or blunt bangs.



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