Celebrities who have rocked short hair

Celebrities who have rocked short hair
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You cannot choose only one celebrity with who has rocked the look. Almost every celebrity has once or more donned which makes them look very refreshing yet sophisticated. makes your face to stand out and gives your face an edge.

If you are in the mood to give yourself a makeover then you should always start with your hair as hairstyles reflect the personality of the person. If you are daring enough and will not cry on getting your hair chopped then you should definitely get a short hair cut.

Stars that have not shied away from short hair

Some of the with short hair who you can look up to are Jennifer Lawrence, Cobie Smulders, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus and many more.

The most talked about celebrity with short hair cut was of Miley Cyrus, her haircut was not only bold but also very flattering on her personality and face. She even donned the same look in her hit song ‘Wrecking Ball’. When it comes to short haircut then we cannot leave behind Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. She has rocked many short haircut styles. She has donned the Bob cut as well as neck length hair. Kaley has always styled her hair perfectly and experimented with both messy curls and straightened hair. Her hair evolution has been magical and you can always look up to her for your short hairstyles.

Movie stars who love to flaunt short hair

Another celebrity with short hair who had left us dazzled with her style is Anne Hathaway. She has rocked short hairstyles with almost any outfit you can imagine.

Short hair has always been as even in the 1990s we have seen the cast of the famous sitcom ‘friends’ don short hair such as Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston and both of them looked breathtaking.

You can even see the Kardashians with short hair and even young popstars such as Demi Lovato, Taylor swift and many more celebrities with short hair.



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