Going under the scissors is not scary with these hairstyles

Going under the scissors is not scary with these hairstyles
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Short hairs are a breath of fresh hair from the monotonous hairstyles that almost every one carries. If you have then short hair is the best ally for your hair.

Short hair and straight hair are a great combination. So don’t hesitate in chopping off your long tresses for a new hairstyle and rock any of the short haircuts.

Sleek bob cut

This hairstyle looks gorgeous and stylish. The sleek cut compliments the natural straight texture of your hair. You can try out many short straight hairstyles and there are a number of bob cuts which you can choose from. There are many innovative hairstyles you can opt for if you have straight hair. Straight hair gives you the freedom to tame your hair in any style very easily and quickly.

Long Straight cuts

With straight hair, your hair tends to look elongated and the pixie cut makes your hair look edgy and defined. The pixie cut can be combined with the crop hair style by shaving off one side of your hair. Pixie cut brings back the focus to your face and gives you an alluring overall look. With a low side parting, your cheekbones are defined which in turn balances out the face on your face.

with straight hair

Round bobs are very trendy, if you are feeling a little exploratory then add bangs to the look to get a chic look. One length bob cut and side swept bob cut looks incredible with straight hair. Another option is that you can get your hair cut in a number of layers. The texture of your straight hair clearly brings out the layers and makes your hair look cool and whimsy.

People crave straight hair as it gives you a neater look and allows you to experiment with a number of hairstyles very easily.



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