Great Haircuts for Women With Round Faces and Medium Hair

Great Haircuts for Women With Round Faces and Medium Hair
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If you are a woman with a or more rounded face and Medium length haircuts there are a lot of styles you can wear.  The face is that many women who have this face shape usually are looking for a way to hide or camouflage the shape of their face.  Many feel like have a rounded or circular shaped face may make them appear chubby or plump.  Of course this is not something women want to feel or hear about.

Why Mid-Length Haircuts for Round

With the right length and hairstyle you can use this to mask the roundness of your face.  Medium hairstyles can help get rid of the round shape of your face by using the cuts and length to give your face the illusion of more angles.  The fact is if you have a round face the short your hair the harder it will be to try and add angles using your hair.  For many women with circular shaped faces they feel that updos are a no-no.  Well you can wear an updo just make sure you leave some hair in the front to use to help add shape and angles to your face.

Medium length haircuts work for hoop-shaped or spherical faces because longer hair can help length the face with the right cut and layers that make your face look like it has more corners versus just be rounded.  You don’t want any hairstyle that will add volume to parts of your face as this will make your face appear even more rounded then it already is.  Since your face is round use the length of your shoulder length hair to elongate it and the use bangs to angle it off.  While straight hairstyle work for some women with mid-length hair and chubby/circular faces curls and waves tend to do a better job of hiding the circular shaped face.

For a Medium length haircuts to go with your face shape look at the gallery below for some ideas.  Remember find something that works for you but if you know you have a round face you may want to stay away from shorter cuts.  While we have seen many rock shorter cuts they tend to be the ones that really like the why their face is shaped and not worried about it appearing to be round.



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