Hairstyles for short to medium length hair

Hairstyles for short to medium length hair
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Collarbone length haircuts are usually medium length haircuts that suit all kinds of faces and hair types. They are simple and easy to maintain as well and they look really charming on small girls as well as old women.

This is one of the most sensational  that is medium length and is ideal for thick hair. This kind of haircut makes your hair look full and voluminous. If you have naturally thick hair, them this haircut will definitely add to your beauty with the right cut of style and cut. In order to make your hair look all the more stylish, you can accent them with various shades and highlights. This haircut is great for young girls as well as old women above 50.

Layered dark brown lobs

A layered dark brown lob is one of the most sensuous and eye catching hairstyles that look good on medium length hair. This is a great collarbone length haircut that is worth trying out if you love experimenting with different kinds of hairstyles. The layers add beauty to your face and can flatter your style as well. You can keep the color a one type or can add shades to the different layers of your hair. Finish off the hairstyle with a messy wave to show the different lengths.

The medium shag is also a great collarbone haircut that is really popular and easy to try out. The waves add a seductive look to your hair and your face. You can also try out long layers without actually chopping off too much hair if you have thick add. That will add beauty and grace to your face. This definitely should be tried out.



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