Latest long choppy haircuts 2018

Latest long choppy haircuts 2018
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Who says the hairstyle is solely made for short hair? Yes, it is easier to work with short hair if you want to achieve the choppy style of hair cut. However, doing the same look for hair is not impossible. If you got hair and would like to achieve the more edgy and modern look, you simply need to spend a little time in styling your hair.

Here are some of the more common ways on how you can work with your long hair to get the choppy hairstyle:

Messy Long Hairstyles for women

Do not take it literally that you should not wash and fix your hair before stepping out the door just to achieve this look. This is not the same hair that you have once you roll out of bed. The fashionably messy hair is achieved by styling it while it is still damp from showering. Towel dry your hair and then allow it to air dry. While it is still moist, start sectioning your hair and apply mousse or wax. Use a roller brush along with blower. Completely dry each section while pulling the sections towards different directions. For example, one section can be blow dried with its tips curling inwards. Then, the shorter layers would be intentionally blow dried to create fly away tips. This type of hairstyle is perfect for hair with varying layers so the chops and sections would be easily noticeable.

Long and Sleek Hairstyles for ladies

This means eliminating all the waves and curls. It is easier to achieve this look using hair iron. Start ironing your hair while it is still damp. There is no need to apply hair product so long as you have a good hair iron.

The key in this long hairstyle is to keep everything straight. The ends do not need to be curled inwards. This hairstyle looks even more interesting with a slanted or shower bangs. Make sure that your bangs are still evenly cut. Straightened out each strand of the bangs too and allow it to partially cover your forehead so that the chopped cut will be further accentuated. Once you are done ironing, it is the right time to apply a small amount of hair wax just to smoothen it out. Put pea-sized wax on your palm, rub your hands together and pat the wax on areas which are not too flat and smooth yet.

Layered Shag Hair Styles for Women

The layered shag works best for straight hair too because the varying lengths might not be too visible for curly hair. If your hair is a bit wavy, using the hair iron would also be good. To further emphasize the shag of your hair cut, you can ask the professionals in the salon to work on the contour. You can either have the hair on the back of your head shorter while the front part is longer. Another option is to let the stylist chop your bangs to frame the forehead and cheeks.

The choppy hairstyle for long hair is actually very versatile. You can easily style it elegantly to match your office wardrobe or play around with it for a night of partying with friends.



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