Rock the party with short buzz haircuts

Rock the party with short buzz haircuts
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Short hair is literally no maintenance and with our busy schedules there is very little time in our hands to look after our appearance. Very short haircuts for women are the new trend that everyone has excited about.

It’s a no brainer that long hair requires a lot of care and time. You daily spend about 5-10 minutes making your hair if you have long hair and upon that long hair require a lot of care.

Short hairstyles are the life savers if you don’t have time to spare for your hair.

Super short bleached hair style

This is one of the burning styles of the seasons, with celebrities and famous socialites donning it. This hairstyle is great for highlighting your facial features. This hairstyle is the perfect combination of elegance and punk and taking the plunge with this hairstyle you will look the hottest person in the room.

Curly Top Dye and Fade

This hairstyle gives you a lot of room to experiment with the hair color to suit to your skin tone or your personality and the fade cut with designs. You can dye your hair and get a perm which will make your hair look edgy and delightful at the same time.

Textured with bangs

You can modify a bob cuts in so many ways that you cannot list them all. When it comes to very short haircuts for women, then getting a textured bob with bangs is an appealing option to pick. This is an easy to maintain style for those who want very short hair but do not want to lose their bangs.

Short hair gives you a lot of room to try out haircuts which you cannot dare to don with long hair. It gives you the freedom that you want to change your appearance after every two or three months depending on the speed of growth of your hair.



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