The Best hairstyles for shoulder length hair

The Best hairstyles for shoulder length hair
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Did you know that shoulder length hair is the best because they can be easily managed and easily styled as well? It is the ideal length for a woman who has loads of things to do and handle her hair at the same time.

Slight side parting

Slight side parting is simple and  and it is simple as well. A blunt shoulder length hair with a slight side parting can help curtail a square or rectangular shaped face and this parting helps the hair to cover the wide cheekbone and forehead. Side bangs can also enhance the look to a great extent.


A gradual lob can also be considered best hairstyles for shoulder length hair which is long in the front and short at the back. You can decide about the length yourself but you would need a good hairstylist to style your hair. Though this hairstyle does not need a parting, it can actually be left loose to look good and hang on your shoulders.

A short ponytail is one of the most excellent and simple styles for shoulder length hair. It looks good and elegant accompanied by a chic look that can be worn in informal and formal occasions. A cute looking ponytail will allow you to show off your face. This style will also keep your hair off your face when you are at school or in the playgrounds. Wearing a hair band along with a ponytail for a neat and sweet look can be a great idea.. This looks is ideal for school goers who have medium length hair. A short ponytail can be tied high above or even low at the necks as desired. Try this out for a great look!



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