Trendy short hairstyles for black women

Trendy short hairstyles for black women
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Short hairstyles are one of the most common and loved styles for the black African women. Whether the texture is curly hair or wavy hair, short hairstyles can be trendy and glossy if done in the right kind of way.

The Pixie Love

The pixie loves are for black women. This hairstyle is known to be a versatile one that looks really good on long and elongated face. Pixie styles should not be tried on faces that are round. This is a which is short at the back and the sides and longer in the front. This is a very common hairstyle that is seen among the well known actresses of today like Halle Berry. This chic hairstyle can be parted at the middle or brushed from the front to the back.

The Short and Retro hair style

This is also known to be a great looking chic hairstyle which is worn by women who have thin and fine hair. The trendy short hairstyles can be pinned with curls so that it looks really neat. These short curls can be pinned up at the sides of the hair and the hair can be well combed to get a fluffy feel. You would just love it. This is a trendy hairstyle that would look on women of all ages.

The Rihanna haircut

The Rihanna haircut is one of the that look good on Afro women as well as women of all countries. This haircut however looks better on straight and silky hair as there are a number of different cuts and turns in this haircut. If you want to have a short and a cute haircut which are ultra modern and stylish, then this haircut is ideal for you.




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